About Us

We are here provide a premium product, at a competitive cost with the goal of growing the sport that we all love and creating tennis players who have a passion for the sport.

Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to making organized tennis available everyone of all ages and skill levels. Enjoyment of the game of tennis is enhanced through skilled coaching, competition and progress. We are committed to enriching the lives of our students and our community through the game of tennis. We think that this passion that all of our coaches bring on to the court helps foster that same passion in our students!

Our Coaches

Greg Stoltz

Greg has taught tennis at 3 different tennis clubs; Newmarket Community Tennis Club, Blackmore Tennis Club, and the Richmond Hill Lawn Tennis Club. He has taught and ran tennis camps and has run group and private lessons with many students, children to adults.

He attended McMaster University receiving a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology, and currently studying to be a Chiropractor.

He approaches tennis from a biomechanical perspective focusing on technique to always allow the most power and control from your shots while placing your body under the least amount of stress. He has a passion for the game and tries to bring this to all of his lessons and all of his students.

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